IVDR-compliant products for nucleic acid extraction

Next Generation Nucleic Acid Extraction technology NGEx®

Oncodia introduces a fully automated next generation technology for nucleic acid extraction from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections using paramagnetic beads. The Oncodia’s NGEx® technology enables serial extraction of DNA and RNA from the same biospecimen where the isolated nucleic acids are of optimal quality for next generation sequencing and other downstream applications.

The NGEx technology

Oncodia develops processes and know-how for nucleic acid extraction from human tissue specimens based on the Next Generation Extraction technology (NGEx®). The technology has been available since 2012 and ever since delivers an innovative new method for automated nucleic acid extractions both for clinical and research use.

Oncodia NGEx features

  • The only truly fully automated extraction solution.
  • No manual reagent handling.
  • Sequential extraction of both DNA and RNA in a single workflow from the same tissue specimen.
  • IVDR compliant for in vitro diagnostics.
  • Xylene-free deparaffinization.

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Purification kits

The Oncodia NGEx® nucleic acid isolation protocols use intuitive software, novel lysis buffer solutions and magnetic separation of DNA and RNA-bound bead particles enabling standalone DNA/total RNA or proprietary serial extraction of both DNA and RNA from the same tissue sample. The NGEx purification kits consist of plastic-ware, reagents packed into prefilled cartridges and a deparaffinisation reagent.

Software and Extraction Robots

The NGEx® purification technology utilizes a convenient bench-top Magtration® System magLEAD 12GC and 12GC Plus/UV robots (Precision System Science Co.,Ltd.) with the ability to simultaneously process up to 12 samples (Magtration® system).The Magtration® Technology platform enables separation and re-suspension of magnetic beads within a disposable tip, reducing the risk for cross contamination between samples.

Product portfolio



The FFPE DNA Purification Kit is optimized for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA from FFPE tissue samples. Purified DNA is of high yield and quality and is suitable for use in next generation sequencing, real time RT-PCR, PCR and other downstream application. The protocol requires a total run time of 3 hours 40 mins.

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