Team members

Team members

Management and Development

Kristofer Maad

Chief Executive Officer. Kristofer is an experienced professional with a diverse skill set in areas such as software development, product management, marketing, sales, innovation and general management. He has 20 years of industrial experience from the cancer diagnostics and therapy fields, and is the author of several patented and commercially successful inventions improving treatment outcomes for cancer patients worldwide.

Karin Hartman Lindgren

Karin Hartman Lindgren

Chief Operating Officer. Karin has a MSc in Biomedicine and a BA in Financial accounting from Uppsala University. With training in both business administration and biomedicine, Karin brings important competence in business and enterprise in the life science sector. Karin has experience from manufacturing, development, and sales and marketing in start-up companies in the medical device industry.

Daniel Bergström

Business Development Lead. Daniel holds a PhD in Pathology, an MBA from Edinburgh Business School, and an MSc Pharm. from Uppsala University. With a robust background in pharmacology and business administration, Daniel excels in business development in the life science sector. He has held pivotal roles in companies like Roche and Nutricia, focusing on medical affairs and market access. Daniel has also driven the growth of start-up companies, specializing in innovative drug formulations and strategic market approaches.

Marina Rashyna

Core Developer. Marina has a MSc in bioinformatics from Uppsala University with a focus on the quality control of next-generation sequencing data. After successful translation of her NGS experience from academia to the Oncodia’s team, Marina dedicated to the core development and building of the software production standards in the company.


Tom Adlerteg

Tom Adlerteg

Regulatory Implementation Manager and Core Developer. Tom has a MSc in molecular biotechnology engineering from Uppsala University, and a degree in computer science from Göteborg University. He has experience from software development in different sectors, such as the stock exchange (Syncom Financial Systems), electricity market (ABB), biotech (Biacore AB) and somatic mutation calling (UU).

Linnea Bäckström

Production Manager NGEx product line. Linnea has extensive knowledge in the field of nucleic acid extractions from a variety of biological sources. She got her MSc from Uppsala University in the field of molecular-/cell biology and has since worked in both pharmaceutical industry as well as university settings. Linnea joined Oncodia following the acquisition of ExScale Biospecimen Solutions in late 2019, and is now responsible for production and development of NGEx products.

Board of Directors

Erik Hedlund

is the Chairman of Oncodia. He brings 40 years of leadership experience from the medical device industry, including board roles in 15 companies in Sweden, Germany and the US. He was co-founder and Chairman of the publicly traded companies RaySearch and CEO of C-Rad, and is currently Chairman of Pharmacolog AB. He is also Chairman of Nolsterby Invest AB.

Tobias Sjöblom

Tobias Sjöblom

Professor of Tumor Genetics at Uppsala University. He pioneered exome sequencing in cancer and the science powering Oncodia’s products was developed in his group at Uppsala University.

Mateo Santurio

Investment manager at Uppsala University Holding AB. Mateo is a business developer and investment professional with 15 years of experience of academic startups, and has been involved in the strategic and operational management of several successful Uppsala University spin-offs.

Chairman and founder of Didner & Gerge Fonder. He has a PhD in Business Studies from Uppsala University. After the dissertation he left the university and started with a colleague the fund management company Didner & Gerge Fonder. Henrik has an interest in early start-ups and have invested in a number of companies, mostly in life science and technology.

Henrik Hjorth

CEO of Novus Scientific. Henrik brings more than 15 years of experience from various roles within the medical device industry, including development, marketing and sales. He has focused most of his career on global market introductions of innovative medical technologies including products such as TIGR Matrix and OssDsign Cranial PSI.