Cancer diagnostics.

Easy, accurate, now!

Our vision is a world where every cancer patient receives the right therapy.

Our mission is to supply the healthcare systems with the necessary solutions to assure the best possible use of advanced cancer drugs.

What we offer

We  empower healthcare providers with CE/IVD-certified solutions from the tissue handling to the data analysis step of the diagnostic process

Approved software for analyses of tumors to guide the use of targeted therapies and checkpoint inhibitor

Fully automated extraction solution without manual reagent handling

Providing healthcare systems with solutions for highly accurate mutation detection


Precision medicine solutions for better healthcare

Oncodia is an innovative Medical Technology company based in Uppsala, Sweden. We are committed to providing in vitro diagnostic products that consistently meet customer needs, enhance patient treatment outcomes and adhere to regulatory and statutory requirements. Oncodia provides CE/IVD software for precision cancer medicine as well as CE/IVD products for DNA/RNA isolation from diagnostic tissue specimens. Our focus is to supply clinical pathology and oncology with the right solutions for optimal molecular diagnostics of solid tumors.

Oncodia has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876876


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Improving the use of advanced cancer drugs by providing healthcare systems with solutions for highly accurate mutation detection.