ALTOmate v.2 targets to cover ion semiconductor sequencing space


On 31st of March, Oncodia released the second major version of ALTOmate; the CE marked IVD medical device software for single-sample mutation analysis. This clinical-grade product was enhanced to serve a larger diagnostics market without compromising on our key principle; to deliver the highest precision of mutation detection at a fast computational time.

One of the long-anticipated and conceptual change is the support for the ion semiconductor sequencing in a new single-read mode available with this release. Oncodia also addressed the improvements coming with the new generations of machines, which perform next-generation sequencing by synthesis, resulting in better accuracy of mutation detection.

The release notes can be found in the following link:

ALTOmate v2.0.0 Release Notes.

We are looking forward to hearing the customers feedback on the new mode of operation, targeting the clinical routine based on Ion semiconductor systems. Alike the majority of healthcare providers in Europe, Oncodia values the importance of IVDR certification for a clean diagnostic process at the pathology laboratories. With ALTOmate v.2 we aim to deliver a fully certified and best-in-class solution for the ultimate benefit of the patients.

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