VARify v.2 supports sequencing-by-synthesis and Ion torrent chemistry in analysis pipeline for an accurate and robust clinical diagnostics


Oncodia has the pleasure to announce the release of the best VARify to date; the CE marked IVD medical device software for tumor-normal mutation analysis. This release bridges the sequencing-by-synthesis to Ion semiconductor technology in a single offer, to deliver robust and reliable clinical diagnostics, independent of the sequencing machine. The external validation confirmed our performance and provided positive feedback.

Among the other important improvements is the optimization of operational memory use and the refined interpretation of sequencing strand bias towards our goal to perform mutation discovery in the whole genome space. VARify v.2 is well tested towards the clinical routines in the Nordics and scores the best in the identification of clinically relevant mutations in the protein coding part of the genome.

The release notes can be found in the following link:

VARify v2.0.0 Release Notes

We are looking forward to hearing the customers feedback on the new mode of operation, targeting the clinical routine based on Ion semiconductor systems. Alike the majority of healthcare providers in Europe, Oncodia values the importance of IVDR certification for clean diagnostic process at the pathology laboratories and the oncology care. With VARify v.2 we aim to deliver a fully certified and best-in-class solution for the ultimate benefit of the patients.

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