Oncodia’s product portfolio expands with CE/IVD software for mutational diagnostics


The development of Oncodia’s CE/IVD mutation analysis software ALTOmate is complete and we are excited to announce its commercial release.

ALTOmate is the diagnostic specialist’s best friend in the mutational diagnostics process. This turnkey solution identifies base level mutations in DNA prepared from routine diagnostic FFPE tumor samples with high sensitivity but with less false positives than competing solutions.  

ALTOmate is easy to deploy and use, and delivers accurate and highly selective mutation analysis of a single sample. Oncodia’s patented pattern recognition metrics and proprietary algorithms excel in finding cancer-relevant actionable mutations in the panel sequencing and exome data produced in solid tumor diagnostics. ALTOmate is a medical device software, CE marked for IVD, and integrates smoothly through industry standard interfaces into the clinical diagnostics workflow of healthcare providers. ALTOmate helps you deliver towards the goal of precision medicine: the right treatment to the right cancer patient at the right time!

Get in touch today for inquiries and time limited demonstration licences!

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