“Oncodia’s Basic Test” for better molecular diagnostics!


For some time, we at Oncodia have seen cancer diagnostics software used in the clinical practice, which reports false-positive somatic mutations. To demonstrate and try to quantify this, we invented a simple logical test that we call the “Basic Oncodia Test” (B.O.T.). Does your mutation-analysis pipeline pass our B.O.T.?

Advanced cancer diagnostics is based on comparison of the tumor- and normal-tissue sequencing data from the same patient. The aim of the precision tools is to identify the mutations in the tumor, which can be exploited by personalized anti-cancer therapies. What happens if the state-of-the-art tools are provided with identical data input for both the tumor and normal sample? Well, surprisingly many mutations may still be reported. All of them are clearly false-positive, since a trustworthy analysis would report zero mutations when comparing identical datasets.

Oncodia’s VARify passes B.O.T., and filters out additional false-positive mutations for a clinically relevant report. Better mutation profile will guide the choice of a better oncological therapy.

More information about VARify and the B.O.T. is available in the following link:

VARify Application Note.

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