Oncodia adds VARify to the precision medicine toolbox


VARify is the new CE/IVD-certified software for precision analysis of tumor and patient-matched normal samples. VARify offers unprecedented selectivity by reporting higher number of clinically relevant mutation calls and less false-positive events in comparison to the competing solutions.

VARify uses a patented, deterministic, computationally efficient, and assumption-free statistical model to evaluate the evidence for each mutation. The solution comprises Oncodia’s own trimmer, aligner, and unique mutation caller to offer excellent out-of-the-box performance in detection of SNP and small InDels. Able to accept data from a broad range of sequencing platforms and target enrichment technologies, VARify assures downstream compatibility by reporting somatic mutations in the industry standard VCF format. VARify is designed for ease of integration in any clinical or research workflow, with a single command line and executable, but at the same time offers platform portability and multiprocessing capability for efficient computation.

Oncodia adheres to the requirements for CE marked software for in vitro diagnostics and targets IVDR certification of VARify in 2022. VARify is an efficient, reliable and highly selective software for precision oncology, built on our vision to deliver the right treatment to the right cancer patient at the right time!

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